No, we are merely a source of advertising for trustworthy breeders. If we discover that a breeder is breaking state breeding rules, we will stop advertising for that breeder. We ask the public to notify us of any issues they come across so that we can take the necessary steps.
A puppy must be 8 weeks old before it can leave the breeder’s house, according to Pennsylvania State Law. Please make arrangements to pick up your new puppy with the breeder.
The initial step is to make direct contact with the puppy’s breeder. If the breeder does not respond to your request, you may contact us for assistance. All breeders are required by law to ensure the health of their puppies.
Contact the puppy’s breeder. You can discover all of the information you need on the page of the dog you’re interested in. On that page, you can find the breeder’s name and phone number, as well as additional information about the dog.
1- Check out our Breed menu to choose your favorite breed or to explore a new one. 2- Explore our large selection of pups that are presently available for adoption 3- To connect with the breeder and acquire any more information, use the contact information provided on the puppy’s page. 4- You can surely pay a visit to the puppy before purchase if you live close enough. If you live far, you can provide your addresse and your puppy will be shipped to your doorstep.
Whether your puppy travels on a commercial aircraft, in the cabin with one of our experienced Caretakers, or along one of our carefully selected ground routes, all of our pups are transported in accordance with USDA rules for good animal care. Each travel option is intended to prioritize your puppy’s health and welfare. If you want to pick up your new puppy yourself, we can advise you on how to do so.