Maltese Puppy Breed

Maltese Puppy At a Glance

Buy maltese dog/puppy near me. The Maltese is a tiny dog that weighs between two and three kilograms (four to six pounds). The shoulder blades slope, and the body is small. The ribs are well sprung and the back is level. The tufted tail is carried elegantly over the back. Elegant neck architecture encourages high head carriage. The skull is slightly rounded, and the head is well-proportioned to the body. The drop ears are low-set and heavily feathered. The nose is black, the eyes are dark, and the muzzle is medium length and slightly tapered.

Buy Maltese Dog/Puppy Near Me

The Maltese is a kind, loving, perceptive, responsive, and trusting dog. Maltese are lively, playful, and active dogs that make excellent family pets. They also enjoy picking up new tricks. When dealing with noisy kids, they can be snarky. The Maltese’s small stature belies their fearless presence. Being extremely vigilant, the Maltese reacts to strange noises with a barrage of barking. Buy maltese dog/puppy near me.
The Maltese has an almost ornamental appearance thanks to its long, silky coat that sweeps or hangs close to the ground. Long hair on the head can either be left hanging or tied in a topknot. The coat is an entirely white color. Buy maltese dog/puppy near me.

Living with A Maltese Pup

The Maltese is a breed of indoor dog that does well in confined spaces like apartments. Both housebreaking and food preferences can be problematic for this breed. Given their low shedding habits, most allergy sufferers can have Maltese as pets.

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