Why Choose Us

Puppy Health Guarantee and vet checks. Our objective is to establish a mutual connection with trustworthy breeders that are committed to not only producing healthy puppies but also to giving good socialization, which will help make the transition to your home a smooth one. To accomplish this goal, we provide incentivized programs to our breeders that go above and beyond what the state standards need – breeders who provide extended health guarantees for their puppies and are willing to introduce superior breeding procedures. More on dog walkers near me here.

Puppy Health Guarantee and Vet Checks.

No Puppy Mill Guarantee

We are dog lovers who speak out. We not only promise never to work with puppy mills, but we also campaign for higher canine welfare standards throughout the state.

Review and Screening of Breeders

We pay monthly visits to our breeders, taking lovely puppy images and ensuring they continue to satisfy our Very high standards.

Puppy Health Guarantee

We ensure that our puppies will be perfectly healthy when they arrive at their new home, and if there is ever a puppy related concern, we will rectify it.

Socialisation of Puppies

The puppies we deliver to your home are frequently eager to become acquainted with the household and other furry companions. This is due to our breeder's crucial emphasis on socializing from infancy.

Customer Reviews

Tons of positive ratings from thousands of families. Discover what makes us unique and join hundreds of other dog lovers in putting their trust in us.

Fast & Safe Pet Travels

We ship our dogs all over the globe, and we ensure that they are completely safe and comfortable the entire journey.

Puppy Tips and Advice

When you are a dog lover, you almost never stop studying. That is why our team of dog lovers and specialists provide advice on all aspects of nurturing and caring for your dog.

Our Values

We hold ourselves and our customers to the greatest standards and strive to enrich the lives of each puppy, breeder, and owner who joins our family.

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